To make your work with the template easier, we've made short video tutorials covering both basic and more complex topics.

01. Choosing variants of pages.

Video length: 3:23s

02. Setting up page linking.

Video length: 2:10s

03. Adjust the colors to match your branding.

Video length: 1:58s

04. Layout Customization.

Video length: 1:12s

05. Highlighting part of a title text.

Video length: 1:14s

06. Adding new menu items.

Video length: 1:22s

07. Working with components.

Video length: 2:33s

08. Changing link colors.

Video length: 0:52s

Still need help?

If you have a question regarding editing the template, or its functioning, which isn't covered in the video tutorials above, we'll do our best to help you - just let us know at

If you're a busy person and you would like to go live with the website faster...

We can set up the template for you according to your needs for an additional fee.
The service includes:
Replacing the logo.
Everything you can see in video 01 on the Tutorials page - like removing the pages you don't need, changing names of pages, etc.
Everything you can see in video 02 on the Tutorials page - like setting up the menu, CTA, and all the remaining links.
Layout customization (as seen in the video tutorial 04).
The service doesn't include the following:
Filling template with your content - placing your texts and replacing photos.
Creating new elements in the template.
If you're interested - send us an email titled "Squared - need details on the offer", and we'll help you if our schedule allows it.